Gaia Beyond [CODEX] + [Update v1.5.1] » Game PC Full – Free Download PC Games – Crack

Gaia Beyond [CODEX] + [Update v1.5.1] » Game PC Full - Free Download PC Games - Crack



TITLE: Gaia Beyond

DEVELOPER: Warp Turtle

PUBLISHER: Warp Turtle

RELEASE DATE: 21 Aug, 2020

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation

FILE SIZE2.8 GB (File Compressed)

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Gaia Beyond — is a 2D-action with elements of role-playing game, the main feature here is that every detail is traced manually. Here, the study of the world is combined with battles, the search for resources and materials, as well as trade with other characters. You will find yourself in a completely new and previously unprecedented solar system that lives by its own rules. You will be able to travel freely through its open spaces, enter into alliances with other nations, and also build your relations with many minor characters. You will have the opportunity to exchange goods and trade with them, perform tasks for them, or hunt pirates and other bandits.

You are probably wondering why mankind decided to rush in search of other galaxies and space objects? Everything is simple and banal — people spent entire generations in a long and furious war, staying a step to complete destruction and chaos, and when patience came to an end, and technology allowed to explore the vastness of space, it was decided to go in search of new housing. Now that all our ways and open spaces seemed open before our clan, they still do not calm down and start bloody wars again.

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