Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition [CODEX] + [Update v20211021] » Game PC Full – Free Download PC Games – Crack

Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition [CODEX] + [Update v20211021] » Game PC Full - Free Download PC Games - Crack



TITLE: Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition

DEVELOPER: Tarsier Studios


RELEASE DATE: 11 Feb, 2021

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Horror, Indie, Puzzle

FILE SIZE: 11.5 GB (File Compressed) / 11.4 GB (File ISO)

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Little Nightmares 2 — is a continuation of an adventure creepy story, in the original first part of which players were asked to get out of the Womb along with the sixth. But now not just an adventure awaits you, but an even more dramatic and creepy story. The events of the game now take place not inside the ship, as in the first part, but in the vastness of the vast world, in which there is a certain signal beacon that spreads a signal that changes the whole world and all its inhabitants. Well, now you have to play as a guy with a paper bag on his head, named Mono. But he is not the main character he will dive into the adventure with Six.

Little Nightmares II GamescomTrailer 02

But don’t think that the game will be remedial despite the presence of two characters, you can only play as one, and only alone. As for the gameplay, the first thing to do here is to say that the game is entirely focused on the interaction of characters. That is, if the sixth in the first part had to independently solve all the problems, now many of them will have to be solved when Mono and the Sixth interact. For example, somewhere you have to simultaneously switch levers. somewhere it will be necessary that one distracts the attention of the enemy, while the other rushes to the key point, and not only. There will be more than enough options.

What’s equally important is that the new hero of Little Nightmares 2 will be able to use objects from the environment not only in solving puzzles, but also in battles with opponents. True, the game does not become an action game anyway battles will be rare, and ideally the player should avoid them in every possible way. That is, the emphasis is still primarily on stealth and stealth. Otherwise, this is the same horror platform game in which puzzles, nasty monsters, an unusual story, and a plot full of intriguing events await you.

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